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An Overview Of Modafinil Smart Drug

Extra daytime sleepiness might specify that you may have a sleeping situation which is also called narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is where a person adict to intake of excessive sleep, due to tiredness during the daytime hours. One of the treatment advise for this kind of sleeping disorder is the Modafinil drug.

What is the Modafinil?

This medicine is considered as a eurogeroic or an alertness boosting agent. It was formulate in France around 1970s, and authorized under Cephalon, a US organization. The medicine was utilized to treating sleep disorders like shift work disorder and narcolepsy. However it was utilized to treat sleeping conditions, the medicine does not fix the sleeping issues and isn't suggested for use for people who are not getting enough sleep or as a treatment to avoid sleep.

How Modafinil Works?

It is accepted that the medicine effect the dopamine transporter, which expand the muscle development in specific areas of the brain in charge of inspiration thus resulting to a "alertness impact" on the patient.

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Modafinil Side Effects

The use of the medicine may result to mild symptoms including care of nausea, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety and headache. A few patients may encounter serious side effects like hypersensitivity or major skin reactions, gastrointestinal, dizziness, psychosis problems along with multi-organ sensitivity. Dependence and addiction may also happen due to overdose use of the prescription over a lengthy period or if the patient has a history of drug misuse or dependence.

When to take the Medicine?

The utilization of the modafinil drug turns on what kind of treatment that one is receiving. For patients that are determined to have narcolepsy, the medicine might be taken orally once per day with or without food, generally in the beginning of the day. Then again, for treatment of move work sleeping disorder, the doctor may prescribe the intake of the medicine one hour before to move for job work.

What are the precautions?

As the medicine might be addictive, it is very important that patients must communicate with their physician and follow the prescription to prevent dependence or abuse. People that have drug sensitivity or reactions to specific meds should also consult their doctor or drug specialist on how to undergo for the prescription.

For more information on modafinil review and other related news on effects, interactions, dosages, precautions and interactions, Buy Online Med provides latest information about modafinil review, medicine, their related products and more to treat sleeping disorder.

Modafinil Review - Nootropic smart Drug Experience

The use of medicine by people hoping to boost mental performance is rising worldwide, finds the largest ever study of the trend. In a survey of tens of thousands of people, 14% reported using stimulants at least once in prior 12 months.

The non-restorative use of substances — usually dubbed smart drugs — to boost memory or concentration is known as pharmacological cognitive enhancement (PCE), and it arise in each of the 15 countries included in the survey. The study focus at physician suggest prescriptions like Adderall and Ritalin — recommended medically to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) — along with the sleep disorder medicine modafinil and illegitimate stimulants like cocaine.

The smart drug (armodafinil) absolutely does work for some individual, with enhancing their work performance on long and complex task, besides increasing decision making and planning skills, another survey of studies finds.

Modafinil, also known as Provigil, is authorized by the Drug and Food Administration to treat people with sleep disorders like, narcolepsy. Although most of the medicine users — like writer, programmer and students who take it to study for exams — use it off label, trusting it may help to focus. This is even with the lack of strong proof to date showing that the medicine really works this way.

Past studies indicated mixed results for modafinil's impacts on health, non-sleep-deprived people. But, for the new paper, the experts reviewed 24 placebo-controlled studies in healthy individuals that were published in between 1990 and 2014. The studies involved more than 700 candidates total, and tested a change of aspects of thinking, including decision-making and planning, learning, memory, flexibility, and creativity.

Modafinil boost just certain features of thinking, the experts found. Normally, the medicine seemed to improve what experts call executive function, the capacity to shift through new information and make plans which is based on it. Modafinil additionally increased people ability to concentrate' learn and remember, capacity to focus, the experts found.

However the medicine didn't consistently help candidates on simple tests of concentration, the ecperts found. It had "little impact on creativity and engine sensitivity," they said, and it didn't unusually improve people’s working memory, adaptability of idea or ability to divide their concentration.

Modafinil has some side effects. The 70 percent of the researches searched for mood and side effects found just a few cases of a sleeping disorder, stomachache, headache or nausea, which were all additionally described in placebo groups.

Modafinil Initiated for Brain Booster To Promote Wakefulness

People now a days leading full busy life. Working full-time activity in job, to extracurricular challenges and taking care of their family, it's simple to say that sleep is not high on your schedule of significant activities.

Still, their body is difficult and won't let you keep working without some rest. Their body is correct, need to rest, but there are not sufficient hours in a day to get everything done! So they continue to push on with a blend of caffeine and mood-enhancing pills. Of late though their body seems to oppose and impacts of this stimulants on the body and they feel tired even after people burned up on coffee.

One of the most prominent professionally prescribed medications of the past decade, modafinil has a fascinating history. One of the most well known physician endorsed medications of the previous decade, buy modafinil online has a fascinating history. Yet, it was not until the mid-naught that the medication genuinely got on in America.

Marketed as a sleep-disorder medicine by pharmaceutical creator Cephalon and sold under the brand-name Provigil, it is fact that modafinil is basically utilized off-label that is behind its remarkable result in the States.

After you converse with your primary care physician and he gives the thumbs up, use alert when you purchased Modafinil online without prescription. Ensure the organization you buy Modafinil from is a respectable organization with a decent reputation. You can scan for the site's notoriety on the web and check the Better Business Bureau's site to check whether any cases have been made against the organization.

What is adrafinil?

Keep in mind when we said that modafinil was created in France in the late 1980s? What we didn't introduce adrafinil was developed first and that modafinil is its primary metabolite, which means that the two drugs have almost similar pharmacological effects. The main remarkable distinction is that adrafinil is a pro-drug that must be used in vivo, or in the body. As it were, it takes somewhat more (regularly forty-five minutes to 60 minutes) to begin working.

Since adrafinil is presently unregulated in the United States, expanded challenge has driven the cost of medication down to just about a tenth that of modafinil. Moreover, the two medications are commonly utilized for a similar reason: to improve mental keenness. Indeed, a few people do take them to treat rest issue; however ongoing reviews have discovered that around 90 percent of offers are for off-mark use. Interpretation: People are purchasing them as a smart drug, not as prescription. Why? Because they work!

Adrafinil benefits

However it inspired the drug that motivated the mythical nootropic in Limitless, adrafinil is a long way from a miracle drug. In fact, the term smart drug is somewhat of a misnomer. Adrafinil doesn't really help your mental ability by giving you a chance to get to a greater amount of your gray matter. Rather, it causes you clear your psyche by improving attentiveness, sharpness, and cautiousness. The final product of these activities is an expanded capacity to concentrate on testing mental work, which consequently appears to be less overwhelming and exhausting.


As we referenced, adrafinil is utilized fundamentally by sound people as to improve alertness - frequently when they ought to rest. However, it is likewise utilized by individuals that experience the ill effects of incessant sicknesses and conditions that deny them of the vitality they have to live their lives. We know, for instance, that patients with fibromyalgia, ceaseless weakness disorder, and Parkinson's infection use adrafinil to treat sedation and weariness.

Weight Loss

An amazing advantage that analysts can't clarify, a few examinations have discovered that adrafinil may stifle the craving and advance weight reduction. One little clinical preliminary found that those that took the medication diminished their every day caloric admission by 18 percent contrasted with fake treatment. A straightforward clarification for this marvel could be that individuals will in general consume more calories when they have more vitality, which adrafinil is demonstrated to give.

Cognitive effects

There is convincing evidence that adrafinil may improve some parts of working memory, for example, design acknowledgment, advanced control, and digital span. Once again, these enhancements are most likely the effects of the drugs capacity to reduce the impact of obstruction caused by drowsiness.

Weight Loss

An amazing advantage that analysts can't clarify, a few examinations have discovered that adrafinil may stifle the craving and advance weight reduction. One little clinical preliminary found that those that took the medication diminished their every day caloric admission by 18 percent contrasted with fake treatment. A straightforward clarification for this marvel could be that individuals will in general consume more calories when they have more vitality, which adrafinil is demonstrated to give.


However it is not nearly approved as its essential metabolite, adrafinil has almost similar pharmacological impacts at a small amount of the cost. There is also no need to see your physician and get a prescription for the medicine, since it is completely unregulated in the United States. You should simply find a reliable online pharmacy, place your order at BuyonlineMed and wait for delivery!

The best website to buy modafinil without prescription

Modafinil is a stimulant-type drug used to promote wakefulness especially when a person has been unable to get sufficient sleep. For instance, airline pilots might take it to stay alert while flying. For occasional use, such professionals might consider this a relatively safe and inconsequential solution.

Modafinil is very effective in treating excessive sleepiness mainly which is related to shift work, sleep apnea, narcolepsy. Modafinil is also called as performance enhancing smart drug which enlightens laziness and your relentless pursuit of perfection. There are many online pharmacies where you can get modafinil but buy online med gives you the most sought after, highest quality and most affordable modafinil to buy. Here are some of the reasons which makes modafinil a perfect biohacker.

Enhances brain and mood

There are many drugs which provides the same but modafinil is a way ahead. Modafinil is also known as nootropic as it enhances your cognitive function in various ways. Modafinil acts as a stimulant which makes is a wakefulness promoting agent also its not addictive, its kicks out the addictiveness instead. Modafinil increase your resistance to fatigue, motivation and reaction time.

How is modafinil safe?

Modafinil is generally considered to be safe for most of the people causing minor side effected such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia, anxiety and headache. However, modafinil is preferred to wakefulness promoting drug as it has lower risk of addiction. It affects as an enzyme that alter the blood concentration of some drugs such as anti-viral medications and opioids. The medication lasts for 10-12 hours a day and it can be taken as needed depending upon your need. Modafinil should be taken after waking up with or without having food.

Alternatives to modafinil

As we already know that modafinil is a very powerful drug and is also be sold under the name Provigil. There are more than 20% of the students who got their hands on Modafinil to get better results. Modafinil enhances the dopamine release but it binds the receptors in such a way that it does not any chance for the individual to get addictive. This is one of the major reasons why modafinil is a drug which does not cause any withdrawal symptoms. Some of the alternatives to modafinil are as follows:

• Modalert

• Modvigil

• Waklert

• Artvigil

It takes a lot in deciding to live a normal life when you involve the use of stimulants in your professional life. But if feeling sleepiness all time stands for ‘normal’ to you, that is really the crux of all the problems. One should really consider to find and resolve the underlying causes of all the unwanted problems. We can help being the best med center for you!

Why is Modafinil popular among students??

Modafinil which is also referred as ‘smart drug’ reduces the excessive sleepiness during the day time which helps in increasing the work productivity. It is also known as the central nervous system stimulant as it a prescription-based medication for narcolepsy. In UK and US modafinil is prescribed by the name Provigil. In US it was extended to include the excessive daytime sleepiness and disorders related to shift work. Modafinil is not considered addictive but few of the studies has shown that it increases the dopamine levels in brain which has been considered related to addictive behaviors.

There is a very common perception among students that prescribing stimulants are a relatively safe and fastest means of improving academic performance. Due to the increasing craze we have listed a few reasons of why the demand of Modafinil has increased in students.

To Get Ahead of the Competition:

Among students the demands of the modafinil has been increased tremendously by considering the competitive edge in any field. Students want to perform better in exams so that they will get to attend better universities and end up getting better degrees. Along with this the demand is also considered in functioning well all the time. But a study has also been revealed that students also use modafinil to help them do a task which they consider least interesting or things which they have been delaying due to lack of focus.

The Smart Drug:

Modafinil is a psychostimulant which is used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) But as we all know that drugs which are used to treat medical conditions are also be used in getting a better social life. This potentially attracts the perceptions of university students as their drugs improves the cognition in unaffected individuals. These stimulants have been described as study drugs as it is quite effective during the periods of high stress i.e. exams and deadlines.

Increasing IQ:

There has been a study which showcased how Modafinil worked in improving the intelligence quotient in some students. These studies specifically revealed that modafinil has been beneficial in improving the performance of students with lower IQ. It has been highly used among the students whose performance have been lowered due to relatively low IQ or through the use of some drugs. Modafinil seems to offer improved attention abilities, a great speed of response and visuospatial ability along with very lower incidences of bad effects.

Students use these modafinil drugs as an aid to concentration. The use of this drug feels like intermittently, extraordinary. Chemical cognitive enhancement is becoming part of the student’s life.

As this drug has been used as an aid to improve concentration among students. The use of this drug has become extraordinary as the drug has been a trusted gateway of giving cognitive enhancement with no adverse effects.

Modawake: Uses, review and guide!

What is Modawake 200 mg?

Modawake 200 is one of the generic forms of Modafinil 200 mg which is easily availbe for you to buy online. Modafinil is used for people who are seeking a more focused and long lasting feeling of altertness. Modawake work on the mechanism which is purely created by sleep disorders. Modawake also holds a particular method of activity which helps the drug to get rid of the signs of lack of sleep. Various research and studies have shown that this medication impacts the neurotransmitters which is majorly accountable for improved alertness in people. This medicine supports the growth of the nerve cells and results in the memory enhancement.

What is R-Modawake?

Along with considering Modawake, you can also consider buying R-Modawake. It is also a generic form of armodafinil of its brand name Nuvigil. Eevery Modafinil durg contain similar durgs like S and R Modafinil. According to the studies, Renantiomer, when reacts with body’s receptors provides more potent effect on dopamine transport receptors than S-enentiomer. So the conclusion that R-Modawake is more efficient and stimulating than regular Modawake and its effect lasts a bit longer.

Features of Modawake are:

1 – It is a nootropic drug which helps in treating excessive daytime sleepiness

2 – There is an active element in modafinil which promotes the wakefulness. This element is responsible for getting rid of the excessive sleepiness which is caused due to narcolepsy and obtructive sleep.

3 – Modawake is an FDA approved medication thus its good for people suffering from bipolar disorder.

4 – The effect of this medicine remains for about 15 hours. Along with reducing excessive sleep it also helps to boost memory and increase wakefulness.

Some precautions while using modawake:

1 – Some individuals may feel allergic because of the existing chemical in the drug.

2 – People facing psychological issues, heart problems should consume this drug only with doctors prescription

3 – This drug can cause problem to the fetus, hence doctors prescription is a must for pregnant women.

4 – This drug should not be consumed with alcohol or other drinks which contains alcohol as the mixture will cause some medical issues

5 – Dizziness is the most common effect while consuming this medicine. Thus diving or lifting any heavy items must be avoided.


Any specific instruction related to your health should be consulted with a genuine practitioner. There is no doubt to Modawake which is a really good version of Modafinil which can be used for on-label and off-label purpose. This medicine provides you with improved focus and concentration. It also provides high alertness, great motivation and with reduced fatique and daytime sleepiness it does not create any issue. It is available on many online stores along with offline stores it can be bought by a reasonable price. People in general have a good experience with this, especially students and working professionals. This has been claimed as the best, well-tolerated and safest drug to use. Although we are not responsible for any kind of indirect damage or results regarding to any of the information provided in this article.



What is Modalert?

Modalert 200 tablet is a medicine which is used in the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness which is also termed as narcolepsy. It reduces the tendency for you to fall asleep and improves wakefulness. Thus, it helps you to regain your normal sleep cycle. This tablet can be taken with or without food. Also, it is advised to take this tablet at a fixed time during the way to maintain its consistently in blood level. It is advised to finish the full course and take full treatment even if you feel better. If this medication is stopped suddenly it may worsen your symptoms more. There are some of the common side effects of this medicine which includes nausea, nervousness, anxiety and insomnia. It can also cause diarrhea, back pain and a runny nose. However, all of these aide effects are temporary and usually gets resolves in some time.

You have to remember that this medicine is only used when advised by a doctor and it is not a replacement for a sleep routine. Before opting for this medicine, you should consult your doctor if you have any problem related to your kidney, heart or liver. Also, it is important to inform your doctor if you are facing symptoms like behavior changes, depression or if you get any kind of suicidal thoughts.


If someone is suffering from Narcolepsy, he is tending to get excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep paralysis, hallucinations and in some cases the episodes of cataplexy (partial or total loss of muscle control) may occur. Modalert stimulates the brain and makes you fully awake. It also helps in recovering these abnormal symptoms and regain your sleep cycle. This improves the quality of life by restoring your normal sleep habit. You tend to feel good and perform better in your daily life.


Most of the side effects do not require any medical attention as it disappears once the body is adjusted with it. If in case these symptoms get out of control you should consult your doctor. Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them

Some of the common side effects of Modalert are as follows:

• Headache

• Nausea

• Nervousness

• Anxiety

• Dizziness

• Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)

• Indigestion

• Diarrhea

• Back pain

• Runny nose


1 – Take the medicine as advised by the doctor

2 – Swallow it as a whole and at once. Do not chew or crush

3 – This tablet can be taken with or without food

4 – It is very important to take this medicine at a fixed time

Quick Tips while using Modalert:

- Drink plenty of water as it may cause headache

- Try to get the right amount of sleep during night

- Do not drive or do anything which requires concentration

- Avoid alcohol while taking these medicines

- Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to conceive or breastfeeding


As there are so many wakefulness-promoting smart drugs in the market, many individuals looking for medicinal drugs online may find the process of choosing the right one to be difficult. Waklert is a smart drug that promises to offer a greater level of alertness and improved cognitive function. As we all know that drugs do not always live up to their promises, so let’s look at a little deeper into this Waklert review to learn if this drug is worth the hype.

What Is Waklert?

Waklert is the generic of Armodafinil which was created by the same company that created Waklert. Many consider Armodafinil to be the younger cousin of Modafinil. Modafinil has always been one of the most popular smart drugs on the market, though Armodafinil has recently risen in popularity, and for good reason. The following are some of the reasons users prefer Waklert over Modafinil.

• Waklert has a shorter half-life which helps individuals to get a better night’s sleep.

• Many users have found the effects they get from this smart drug is much more potent.

What Are The Benefits of Waklert?

Waklert is very similar in effects to Adrafinil and Modafinil, although 3-4 times more effective than Adrafinil. There are a wide range of benefits from taking Waklert. Understanding these benefits encourages individuals to try this smart drug to see how it works for them.

• Due to the single enantiomer structure Waklert has, this drug is able to offer a purer and more potent “high” than some other smart drugs on the market.

• Individuals who take Waklert report experiencing greatly improved cognitive ability, increased productivity, and a higher level of focus.

What Is the Proper Dosage of Waklert?

Taking the proper dosage of a smart drug is crucial for getting the best results. Although the recommended dosage of Waklert is very similar to Modafinil, there are some key differences. If you know anything about Armodafinil, you have likely heard the standard dosage is less, at 150 milligrams.

When you first begin taking Waklert, you will need to start at the recommended dosage of 150 milligrams. This dose will last in your system for about 8-12 hours before the positive benefits begin to fade. This is why so many people prefer Waklert over Modafinil because they are able to go to sleep at a normal time.

While some people are able to tolerate higher doses of Waklert, this is not for everyone. Most people will function well at the recommended dose. You should not take higher doses of Waklert unless you have plenty of experience taking smart drugs and know how you react to them. You should not take this drug every day. Also, Waklert should not be taken without a doctor’s approval.

What Are The Side-Effects?

With its single enantiomer structure, Waklert generally does not cause the sleep and stomach issues Modafinil does. As with any smart drug, there are some side-effects reported by users. For most users, these fade over time and are not severe enough to cause individuals to stop taking Waklert.

• Headache

• Insomnia

• Dizziness

• Dry mouth

As you can see from this Waklert review, this smart drug offers many benefits, but is it as powerful as Modafinil for providing alertness and improved cognitive focus?

How Does Waklert Compare to Modafinil?

It is important to note; Waklert is not quite as powerful as Modafinil, so it is not for everyone. Modafinil has a lengthier half-life, so its effects are felt longer. So, the answer to the question of which is better is not a simple yes or no. Neither drug is superior to the other and which one is better really rests on the preferences of the user.

Those who need a longer half-life due to their demanding schedule may find Modafinil to be better able to meet their needs while those who need to be able to sleep normally will find Waklert to be superior.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder: Treatment, Diagnosis, Disability

Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is a biological disorder characterized by insomnia and extreme sleepiness which affects people whose work hours intersect with the particular sleep period. Insomnia can be the difficulty to fall asleep or to wake up before the individual has slept enough. About 20% of the working population participates in shift work. This disorder commonly goes unrecognized, so it's estimated that 10–40% of shift workers suffer from this. The extreme sleepiness appears when the individual has to be productive, awake and aware. Both symptoms are main in SWSD. There are numerous shift work plan, and they may be permanent, irregular, or alternate; consequently, the manifestations of SWSD are quite changing. Most people with different schedules than the usual one (from 8 AM to 6 PM) might have these symptoms but the difference is that SWSD is continual, long-term, and starts to interfere with the individual's life.

Symptoms :-

• Excessive sleepiness

• Difficulty in sleeping

• Difficulty in concentrating

• Headaches

• Lack of energy


Insomnia and wake-time sleepiness are related to poor alignment between the timing of a non-standard wake–sleep plan and the endogenous circadian propensity for sleep and wake. In addition to biological misalignment, attempted sleep at unusual times can be interrupted by noise, social obligations, and other factors. There is an unavoidable degree of sleep deprivation associated with sudden transitions in sleep schedule.

The prevalence of SWSD is unclear because it is not often formally diagnosed but it is estimated to affect 5–10% of night and rotating workers. There are various risk factors, including age. Although this can appear at any age, the highest prevalence is in the 50 years old and above age brace and even more so in cases of irregular schedules.

Gender is also a factor. It may be that female night workers sleep less than their male equivalent. A possible explanation is the social assignment’s that can increase their vulnerability to SWSD. Female night workers also seem to be sleepier at work.

Some people are more affected by shift work and sleeplessness than others, and some will be impaired on some tasks while others will always perform well on the same tasks. Some people have a morning preference but others not. Genetic irregularity is an important predictor of which people are vulnerable to SWSD.


• There is an insomnia or/and an extreme sleepiness with a reduction of total sleep time, all combined with an overlap of work period occurring during the constant sleep time.

• The presence of these symptoms has lasted for at least 3 months and are associated with the shift work plans.

• Sleep log or with sleep diaries demonstrate for more than 14 days (work and free days included) biological and sleep-time poor alignment.

• Sleep disturbance is associated with damage of social, occupational, or other waking functioning.

• These symptoms are not better explained by another sleep disorder, medical or neurologic disorder, mental disorder, medication use, poor sleep hygiene, or substance use disorder.

Medications that promote alertness

Modafinil and armodafinil are non-amphetamine alerting drugs originally developed for the treatment of narcolepsy that have been approved by the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) for excessive sleepiness associated with SWSD. These medicines are available for doorstep delivery at Buy Online Med.

Narcolepsy – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder characterized by excessive sleepiness, waking paralysis, day dreaming, and in some cases episodes of sleep walking. This occurs equally in men and women and affect roughly 1 in 2,000 people. The symptoms appear in childhood or pubescence, but many people have symptoms of narcolepsy for years before getting a proper diagnosis.

People with narcolepsy feel very sleepy during the day and may automatically fall asleep during normal activities. In narcolepsy, the thin boundary between awake and asleep is faded, in other words sleeping can occur while a person is awake. For example, cataplexy is the muscle paralysis of REM sleep occurring during waking hours. It causes sudden loss of muscle tone that leads to an open mouth, or weakness of the body parts such as arms, legs and etc. People with narcolepsy can also experience day dreaming like hallucinations and paralysis as they are falling asleep or waking up, as well as insomnia and deep nightmares.

Types of Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy symptoms can differ from person to person, with some cases more severe than others. There are two main types of narcolepsy:

Narcolepsy with Cataplexy

In addition to the other narcolepsy symptoms, people who have narcolepsy with cataplexy experience weakness of muscles and lose control of the facial muscle, arms, legs, or trunk. This causes the person to mumble words, have a collapse of jawline, or slump over and be unable to move. During cataplexy, the person is awake. An episode can last for seconds or up to one or two minutes and is often activate by an intensity, such as excitement or laughter.

Narcolepsy without Cataplexy

A person with narcolepsy without cataplexy has all the symptoms of narcolepsy extreme sleepiness sleep attacks, day dream like hallucinations and paralysis while falling asleep or waking up, and less nighttime sleep, but without episodes of sudden muscle weakness activated by intensive emotions. This type of narcolepsy can be less severe than narcolepsy with cataplexy.

What Causes Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy with cataplexy is caused by a lack of the chemical hypocretin in the brain. Hypocretin is a very important chemical for regulating wakefulness and paradoxical sleep. Narcolepsy without cataplexy includes most of the same symptoms, but its cause is unknown. Injuries to the interbrain and brain stem, tumors, and stroke are under investigation.

The current understanding of narcolepsy is that it begins with an underlying genetic susceptibility; a person is born with certain genes that put them at greater risk for developing narcolepsy. In childhood or the teen years, an event like an infection may activate the inception of narcolepsy. Instead of the immune system simply attacking the infection, it becomes confused and attacks the specialized cells in the brain that produce hypocretin. The loss of hypocretin-producing cells leads to the symptoms of narcolepsy. Because the immune system is believed to be responsible for the loss of these cells, narcolepsy is considered an autoimmune disease. One of the activating events linked to narcolepsy is an infection of the H1N1 influenza virus.

The loss of hypocretin in the brain makes it difficult for a person to stay awake. It also allows paradoxical sleep to occur in moments when it normally does not. A person with narcolepsy can enter paradoxical sleep directly from a waking state, rather than going through the normal progression from awake, through deep sleep, and eventually into paradoxical sleep.

Managing Narcolepsy

Currently there is no cure for narcolepsy, but with proper medications this can be manage easily. For example, one can use the artvigil, modawake like modafinil contents. These medicines are available for doorstep delivery at Buy Online Med.

Modafresh: For excessive daytime sleepiness and as an act enhancer!

Modafresh is a revive medicine utilized in the administration of excessive daytime drowsiness and further more utilized as an act enhancer. It is witnessed for the grown-up to mend dozing scatters & be better engaged, and to work better. Modafresh 100mg or 200mg has also been observed to be a successful psychological enhancer that improves the intensity of basic supervision. Be that as it may, it is difficult to clarify how Modafresh takes a shot at human body. Modafresh build’s dopamine level on your mind which also stops the dopamine transporters brining about carefulness.

Modafresh is among the recent general version of the medicine called Modafinil and introduced in the market. Modafresh 200mg carry the equal amount of doses like the original ones, and these are found in the same form. The only thing, which ends up changing is the kinds and the amounts of fillers that are used in the manufacturing process.

Modafresh is waged to care for too much sleepiness because of narcolepsy which forms medical morbidity that gives rise to extreme sleepiness during daytime or shift work disorder. Work sleep disorders comprised of doxing off during work, hitching, nodding off or remaining asleep during work.

• It does not correlate to a substance that functions analogous to a stimulant. It is a eugeroic drug that works on sleeplessness promoting agent.

• It is not vulnerable to make the user jittery or speedy dissimilar to numerous classics stimulants. This remedy does not bear withdrawal or crash

• In no way it is addictive. This drug helps individuals to give up drug addictions.

• You might have seen movies like limitless, starring Bradley cooper. Which in real life happens with Modafresh. This drug provides you with superpower devoid of the glitches.

How to use Modafresh 200mg:

Modafresh 200mg is the normal dose for the adults. Use only one pill per day. People with narcolepsy or OSA may need to take their measurements in the morning and have a go at keeping up a particular calendar. Modafresh is a prescribed drug which is used as a part of the treatment of sleeping disorders which is usually the shift work disorder. For the people who are shift workers it should be taken at least 1 hour prior to the work. It should be never taken with alcohol or any other beverages. It is highly recommended for the medicines to be consumed in the morning which helps you be alert throughout the day. Take the medicine with a large glass of water you can also prefer taking this medicine with or without food.

Some side effects of Modafresh 200mg:

Modafresh is highly effective pill but yet there’s some rare side effects have been recognized such as nausea, headache, dizziness, anxiety or difficulty sleeping. More serious and rare one includes depression, mood changes, chest pain, signs of infection, irregular heartbeat, or sever allergic reactions.


A person with narcolepsy without cataplexy has all the symptoms of narcolepsy extreme sleepiness sleep attacks, day dream like hallucinations and paralysis while falling asleep or waking up, and less nighttime sleep, but without episodes of sudden muscle weakness activated by intensive emotions. This type of narcolepsy can be less severe than narcolepsy with cataplexy.

• Increase alertness and concentration levels.

• Eradicate obstructive sleep apnea.

• Treat shift work sleep disorder.

• Eliminate chronic fatigue symtoms.

• Enhance cognitive abilities as well as physical energy.

Manifestation and Cures of Sleep Apnea


Sleep apnea is a very serious sleep disorder in which breathing frequently stops and starts. If you snore boomingly and feel worn out even after a full night's sleep, you might have sleep apnea.

The main types of sleep apnea are:

• Obstructive sleep apnea, the more ordinary form that occurs when throat muscles relax.

• Central sleep apnea, which happens when your brain doesn't send proper signals to the muscles that control breathing.

• Complex sleep apnea syndrome, also known as treatment- emergent central sleep apnea, which occurs when someone has both obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.

If you think you might have sleep apnea, go to your doctor for an examination. Treatment can ease your symptoms and might help prevent heart problems and other difficulty.

Symptoms :-

The manifestation of obstructive and central sleep apneas overlap, sometimes making it difficult to determine which type you have. The most common manifestation of obstructive and central sleep apneas include:

• Loud snoring

• Occurrence in which you stop breathing during sleep — which would be reported by another person

• Blowing for air during sleep

• Awakening with a dry mouth

• Morning headache

• Hard to staying asleep (insomnia)

• Extreme daytime sleepiness (hypersomnia)

• Hard to paying attention while awake

When to see a doctor

Loud snoring can indicate a possibly serious problem, but not everyone who has sleep apnea snores. Go to your doctor if you have manifestation of sleep apnea. Or you can have the medications like Modawake 200mg, artvigil 150mg, etc.


Sleep apnea is a important medical condition. Complications can include:

• Obstructive sleep apnea might also increase your risk of recurrent heart attack, stroke and abnormal heartbeats, such as atria fibrillation. If you have heart disease, multiple occurrence of low blood oxygen (hypoxia or hypoxemia) can lead to sudden death from an irregular heartbeat.

• Type 2 diabetes. Due to sleep apnea this increases the risk of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

• Metabolic syndrome. This disorder, which encompass high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, high blood sugar and an enlarged waist circumference, is linked to a higher risk of heart disease.

• Liver problems. People with this disorder are more likely to have unusual results on liver function tests, and their livers are more likely to show symptoms of scarring (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease).


This happens when the muscles in the back of your throat relax. These muscles gives support to the soft palate, the triangular piece of tissue hanging from the soft palate (uvula), the tonsils, the side walls of the throat and the tongue.

When the muscles relax, your airway narrows or closes as you breathe in. You can't get enough air, which can result in low oxygen level in your blood. Your brain senses your inability to breathe and briefly wakes you from sleep so that you can reopen your airway. This awakening is usually so brief that you don't remember it.

You might snort, choke or blow. This pattern can repeat itself for five to 30 times or more, all night, damaging your ability to reach the deep, sleep.

CENFORCE :- Dosage, Warning & Precautions.

Cenforce manages male sexual appetite problems (Erectile Dysfunction ED) In combination with sexual inducement, Cenforce works by enlarging blood flow to the penis to enable a person to get and build. It is manufactured in India by the leading Centurion Laboratories and is an over-the-counter drug, found easily at medical stores and pharmacies.

Cenforce works by hampering the functions of the PDE type-5 enzyme and improves blood supply towards the male reproductive region and persudes stiffer and robust erection. Apart from managing erection hurdles. In order to manage erection issues, Cenforce offers massive satisfaction and pleasure to men during intimacy sessions and satisfies all sexual desires of a female partner.

Cenforce is sort of powerful in its action of treating ED in person. It comes within the type of effervescent pills within four different flavors like banana, pineapple and strawberry. It’s a very small low blue pill that has led to fascination in men for process their sexual ailment. The various reasons is due to the principal compound known by the identical of Sildenafil Citrate compound. This particular compound is present within the formulation that accelerates blood flow to the penis region, thereby imparting quite harder, firm, sustained erection, enabling men to own pleasurable sex for a desirable period.


• Take Cenforce as prescribed by your doctor

• Consume Cenforce as a whole and do not chew or crush it

• Always wash hands before taking the Cenforce.

• Eat Cenforce with meals.

Avoid it if you have

• Chronic bladder infections

• Heart disease

• Kidney disease

• Diabetes

• Thyroid disorder

Men obstruct from any sexual activity must not take this drug due to their medical conditions. Those taking nitrates and any of like it, must not take Cenforce because the hypotensive effects may be increased and cause undesirable effects.

Warning and Precautions

Before taking Cenforce, you should inform your doctor of your medical history, recent medical conditions and all medicines being taken recently to deem if Cenforce is safe to take. It may evoke some medical conditions. This drug may not be safe to take for a few medical conditions which will make it difficult. It may also cause harmful reactions if it interchanges with other medications. Some medications that interchange with Cenforce are, but not limited to :-

• Antifungal medications

• Blood pressure medications

• Antidepressants

• Some antibiotics

• HIV medications

• Hepatitis C medications

• Tinnitus or loss of audibility

Cenforce must not be taken with other medications that treat erectile dysfunction or medicine for prostate disorders.

Take the pass over dose as soon as you remember. Leave it if it is almost time for your next scheduled dose. Do not take additional medicine to make up for the missed dose. Do not take 2 doses at the same time or extra doses as this can cause some very serious complications. Cenforce should only be used as prescribed by the doctor. Do not take more than one tablet in a day as it can lead to overdose, resulting in the occurrence of health complications.

ALPHABOL :- Dosage, Precautions & Benefits!!!

Alphabol 10mg tablets are one of the earliest and best known drugs categorized as an anabolic steroid. Most similar drugs symbolize to achieve various effects contradict only a bit from Alphabol have been manufactured over the years. Alphabol still remains one of the most formidable drug. It is often the first choice of bodybuilders who want to enhance their fitness regimen because it is well known and because there are very few mysteries surrounding its intended effects and its side effects. Another appeal to this drug is that it is meant to be taken orally, this is attractive to users who feel squeamish about using the injectable forms of the drugs.

Dosage & Precautions :-

• Unpracticed steroid users will often use 10mg Alphabol tablets with nothing else.

• This is ill advised. Bodybuilders with knowledge using substances like this one use it in coexisting with other injectable anabolic steroids.

• The better pairing is cypionate, enanthate, or testosterone - with testosterone being the most common for use during their increasing size.

• It is suggested that Alphabol cycles should go no longer than 4 to 6 weeks. Users should engross no more than 3 to 6 Alphabol 10mg tablets (30mg to 60mg) per day.

• Users who do not know how well their systems are able to handle this formidable drug, and side effect intensive, substance should not use more than 30mg per day.

The Benefits of Alphabol Tablets :-

• Cycle kick-starter: It is most commonly used to bounce the effects of testosterone supplements.

• Euphoria / energizing effect: Most of the methylated steroids, Alphabol has the most effective effect of making the user feel strong, energetic and enthusiastic. This not only makes you feel good, but it is a great help in motivating users to do their workouts.

• Rapid strength boost: Alphabol is specifically good at giving users fast noticeable strength increases. This is a great benefit, as it allows the user’s workouts to be more intense- an effect that alone would be worthwhile.

• Water weight gain: This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of Alphabol and Anadrol. For competitive bodybuilders, it is great, right before a competition to have their muscles superficially pumped up with water weight. It makes the muscles look bigger and stronger, but it does not contribute to strength gains and it is not sustainable.

The Side Effects of Alphabol :-

• Very high estrogen conversion :- A large amount of the Alphabol tablets will convert to estrogen, and having more estrogen than the body naturally supports is a hazard to your health.

• Increased blood pressure :- Possibly the most dangerous side effect of Alphabol. It is exacerbated by other dangerous side effects and requires the user to be in very good physical condition before using. If you already have high blood pressure use a steroid alternative such as Anabol Testo Caps.

• Cholesterol :- Alphabol hightens your LDL (bad cholesterol) and lowers your HDL (good cholesterol). This is the main reason the users should be as lean and have an excellent cardiovascular condition at the outset.

• Water weight gain :- As stated this is both a good and bad effect of Alphabol. It is good for competitive bodybuilders who want to look as muscular as possible at competitions. Its not good because it places a lot of strain on all the organs of the body. And over time it can cause muscle tissues to lose their tone.

• Liver toxicity :- Another of the most terrifying side effects, Alphabol is particularly notorious for this because, as an oral methylated steroid, it is processed entirely by the liver.


Anaridex 1mg Tablet can be used alone or with some other treatments, like surgery or radiation, to treat premature breast cancer in postclimactric women. It can be used as the first line treatment of new-fangled breast cancer that has spread within the breast or to the other areas of the body.

This Tablet relates to a class of drug called aromatase inhibitors, which decreases the amount of estrogen in the body. It should be taken with or without food, but take it at the same time every day to get the most benefit. It should be taken as your doctor's advice. The dose and how frequently you take it hang on what you are taking it for. Your doctor will settle how much you need to upgrade your symptoms. Devour the tablets complete with a drink of water. You should take this medicine for as long as it is prescribed for you.

The most ordinary side effects of the medicine involve hot flushes, nausea, rashes, joint pain, osteoporosis, and weakness. If these burden you or seem to be serious, let your doctor know. There are may be some ways of reducing or stopping them.

Before consuming this medicine, tell your doctor if you are not gone through climacteric and quiet having menstrual periods, or you have a issue with the liver or kidney. Your doctor should also know about all other medicines you are consuming as many of these may make this medicine less effectual or switch the way of its working. Give each and every detail to your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


In Breast cancer-

Anaridex 1mg Tablet reduces the symptoms of breast cancer such as breast lumps, bloody discharge from nipple or changes in the shape or texture of the breast. It works by changing the production of those hormones in the body that are essential for the growth and spread of breast cancer. It may also interact with other hormones or have a direct effect on the cancer to stop its growth.


Have this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. It can be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.

Quick Tips

• Anaridex 1mg Tablet is used for the treatment of hormone dependent breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

• Take it at the same time everyday.

• It may cause weakness and sleepiness.

• You can feel nausea on starting treatment with this medicine but should go away with time. If nausea is bothersome, take it after meal.

• Doctor may regularly check your Vitamin D level and bone mineral density and suggest supplements, if needed.

• Do not take Anaridex 1mg Tablet if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Breast Cancer: Types, symptoms, and risk factors. !

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the breast. Cancer starts when cells begin to grow out of control. Breast cancer is most common cancer diagnosed in mostly the women of United States. This cancer can occur in both men and women, but it is more common in women. This occurs when changes called mutations take place in genes that regulate cell growth. Typically, the cancer forms in either the lobules or ducts of the breast. Lobules are the glands which produce milk, and ducts are the tubes that carry milk to the nipple. Breast cancer can also occur in the fatty issue or the fibrous connective tissues. The connective tissue surrounds and holds everything together. There are different types of breast cancer. Their kinds or types depend on which cells in the breast turn into cancer. This cancer can also spread outside the breast through the blood vessels. When breast cancer reaches to other parts of the body, it is said to have metastasized.

Kinds of Breast Cancer-

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma: : In this kind the cancer cells grow outside the ducts into other parts of the breast tissue. This cancer cells also spread, to the other parts of the body.

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma: In this type the cancer cells spread from the lobules to the breast tissues that are close by. These cancer cells can also spread to other parts of the body.

Who gets Breast Cancer?

Man can get breast cancer too, but they account for less than 1%of all breast cancer cases. Among, women breast cancer is most common cancer diagnosed, after skin cancer and the second leading cancer causing death after the lungs cancer. On average, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer, in their lifetimes. About two-thirds of women with breast cancer are of 55 or older and most of the rest are between 35 and 54.


• A breast lump that feels different from the surrounding tissues

• Breast pain

• A mass or lump, even if it feels as small as a pea

• Red skin on your breast or nipple

• Discharge from nipples, possibly containing blood

• A change in the size of the breast

• A newly inverted nipple

• Changes to the skin over the breast

• A lump or swelling under the arm

• peeling, scaling, or flaking of skin on your nipple or breast

• A rash around the breast or on the nipple

• A hard, marble-sized spot under your skin

Less common types of breast cancer-

Inflammatory Breast Cancer: This type of cancer is caused by inflammatory cells in lymph vessels in your skin.

Paget’s disease of the Nipple: This affects the areola, the thin skin around your nipple.

Metastatic Breast Cancer: This is the cancer that has spread to another body part, like your brain, bones and lungs.

Phyllodes Tumors of the Breast: These are rare cancer cells which grows leaflike pattern. And the grow quickly but rarely spread outside the breast.

Risk factors:

1. Age

2. Genetics

3. A hereditary of breast cancer or breast lumps

4. Dense breast tissues

5. Estrogen exposure and breastfeeding

6. Body weight

7. Alcohol consumption

8. Radiation exposure

9. Hormone treatments

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Effects of Artvigil on Dopamine and Dopamine transporters!

Taking smart pills is the easiest way to boost up our activeness. Artvigil is a very effective smart pill. It is the brand version of Armodafinil. The specialty of this smart pill is that it boosts up our activeness with longer and stronger effects. As a smart pill, it cannot solve those problems which can decrease our activeness. But it can help us to stay active even with those problems. It can also be used for treating narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorders. Artvigil is an awesome modafinil substitute too. This smart pill is popular with high-achievers who require extra focus and activeness for their work. While artvigil is a unique smart pill, most of the users find that its effects are similar to modafinil. It may be slightly less potent overall, but shares many of the same characteristics. It is cheap and offers impressive cognitive benefits.

Study says when an artvigil is consumed by an individual, it blocks the Dopamine transporters and increases the level of Dopamine in the human brain, including the nucleus accumbens. However, artvigil is the wake promoting medication used in the treatment of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. Artvigil may enhance cognition and is used off-label for the treatment of cognitive dysfunction in some psychiatric disorders.

The mechanisms of action of artvigil are not well understood but are believed to differ from those of stimulant medications, which increase dopamine level in the brain by targeting the dopamine transporters. It is theorized that artvigil’s effects in the brain involve hypocretin, histamine, epinephrine, and glutamate. However, there is mounting premedical evidence that dopamine is involved. Like other smart pills artvigil also control the movements of neurotransmitters in our brain. Along with that, it also makes the effect on the GABA system and thus promotes alertness in us. To boost up our active energy and alertness, this smart pill also works as a mental performance booster. It fires up the brain and helps the brain to raise the rate of breathing.


Artvigil, by promoting wakefulness, helps us to stay active and alert. It is approved by the FDA as a safe medicine. It offers stronger and longer effects in comparison to other smart pills as it is the brand version of armodafinil. As a mood enhancer artvigil can treat fatigue and depression. It is a probable solution to treat the problems of ADD/ADHD and schizophrenia.

As the cheapest generic armodafinil brand currently available, most people find artvigil preferable to nuvigil, the brand name version of armodafinil found in many pharmacies. It only offers identical benefits for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking to get armodafinil for the lowest possible price, then artvigil is your best option. Like all modafinil products, artvigil is sold in 150mg tablets.

If you want to buy artvigil online, you can buy it from buyonlinemed.com . some of the advantages of this online pharmacy are as follows;

• Free shipping

• Refill reminder

• Affordable price

• On time delivery

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Modvigil is really a smart drug – Study says!

In this age of more competitiveness, we cannot afford to be left behind due to fatigue or not being able to focus or concentrate. Unfortunately, sometimes this is bound to happen. Working hard day and night, for our dreams which tend to lose our sharpness gradually. It slowly drains our mental energy causing mental fatigue and lack of motivation to work.

One can prevent this with the help of “Smart Drugs”. Smart drugs are cognitive enhancers that help in the gradual cognitive enhancement of the brain. There are many smart drugs available in the market today. However, Modafinil is one of the best-known smart drug compounds that helps the user. Originally it is used to treat narcolepsy in the 1970s in France, the cognitive abilities of this medium was discovered later.

There are many brand versions of Modafinil available in the market today; Modvigil is one of them. Let us see more details about this smart drug.

Modvigil is one of the best known medications used for cognitive and wakefulness purposes from the modafinil arsenal. It is primarily manufactured by HAB Pharma in India. Also, much like its parent compound, Modvigil is also FDA approved. One can easily buy modvigil online at buyonlinemed.com that provides the medication at affordable rates.

Study shows that the “smart drug” ‘modvigil’ actually does work for many people, by improving their performance on long and complex tasks, also enhancing decision making and planning skills. Some of the studies also showed gains in flexible thinking, combining information, or coping with novelty. It is highly unlikely that modvigil can cause any harmful effects. However, precautions should not be neglected, else the health of the user may get affected. Proper precautions and care can go a long way to helping the user from mental fatigue and lack of concentration.

Working of Modvigil

The modafinil compound in the modvigil smart drug stimulates the orexin (or hypocretin) receptors in the body that is mostly responsible for wakefulness in the individuals. Following this the medication activates the orexin peptide. Now as the person feels awake slowly, many other mechanisms occur in the body simultaneously. Well known neurotransmitter Dopamine is responsible for the cognition and the wakefulness of the user. This neurotransmitter is produced by the hypothalamus. The flow of this neurotransmitter under the influence of the modafinil compound is inhibited at the reuptake point, causing a pool of dopamine to be formed in the vicinity of the synapses. This excess level of dopamine is used by the body for its daily functions in cognition and wakefulness. Along with this other hormones like norepinephrine, histamine, and serotonin are also increased. The collective effect of the increased levels of hormones gives the ‘euphoric’ effect that users have reported experiencing.


Modvigil is a wakefulness agent, classified as a eugeroic drug.

It is also a cognitive enhancer and enhancer of our executive brain functions.

It is also used in the treatment of sleeping disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work disorder, etc.

With the increase in serotonin, the medication also helps in the elevation of mood, helping people with depression and fatigue.

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Modawake Vs Sleep!

If anyone is suffering from insomnia infrequently. Modawake pills can make a big difference when you are sleep deprived. Modawake had the effect from which one can expect from modafinil. For some people, modawake is not just a mood enhancer. The biggest worry for the majority of the shift workers is to adjust to a new sleep-wake routine and attain a sound sleep amidst constant change in shift timings. Such people suffer from sleep deprivation and fail to give their optimum performance in office. Modawake can be the reason for your good sleep. It helps an individual to stay awake during the work hours if they have a work schedule that keeps them from having a normal sleep routine. After consuming modawake it is thought that it works by affecting certain substances in the brain that controls the sleep/wake.

The effects of modawake are long lasting compared to other medications. The half-life of modawake ranges from 12 to 15 hours, although the metabolism of modawake can be affected by several factors, including genetic predispositions, kidney and liver health. Allergy and hypersensitivity are the only contraindications to using modawake. Scientists are still trying to understand precisely how modawake (modafinil) achieves its effects.

Modawake encourages wakefulness by promoting activity like that of amphetamine and methylphenidate. Researchers know that one of the ways Modawake functions is by selectively inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine. Modawake is very specific as to which dopamine transporter channels are inhibited. The reuptake of dopamine activates the release of orexin neuropeptides and histamine in certain areas of the brain, which in turn contribute to heightened arousal. Modawake also acts on norepinephrine in the hypothalamus and on serotonin in the amygdala and frontal cortex.

Half-Life of Modawake-

The half-life of Modawake ranges between ten and 12 hours for most patients but can last up to 15 hours for some. Modawake is metabolized in the liver. Its inactive metabolites are excreted in the urine

Factors That Influence How Long Modawake Stays in Your System-

Certain genetic predispositions, poor kidney health and liver malfunction can slow the metabolism of Modawake and increase the duration of its effects. Researchers do not yet know if long-term Modawake use is safe and effective beyond several years of treatment.

Modawake Prescription Facts-

Modawake is a wakefulness-promoting substance. It should be taken at the beginning of the day to avoid evening restlessness and insomnia. Common side effects of Modawake use include headache, back pain, difficulty sleeping, upset stomach, nervousness, excitability, diarrhea and runny nose. Go to your doctor immediately if you show signs of an allergic skin reaction. Modawake treatment may exacerbate pre-existing liver problems. Share with your doctor if you have a history of cirrhosis or other liver complications. A history of kidney malfunction can also negatively impact the body’s metabolism of Modawake. Patients with various cardiovascular problems may be more prone to complications

A user can easily buy modawake online and Rotating shift workers can depend on a reliable digital platform to buyonlinemed.com to buy modawake pills online.

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Modafinil is a very popular medication, and there are actually more than 20 different generic versions of the drug in the whole world. A lot of them are liable to have a very similar name to the original. The reason is that if they don’t then they will not qualify as a generic medication. There is one difference between all of the generic versions of Modafinil and that’s the fact that each one will have different effects, quality, and strengths. Modafresh is one of the newest versions of Modafinil to be sold worldwide. In fact, they are so new on the market therefore nobody has actually reviewed them yet, even the well-known nootropic websites haven’t reviewed them.


These tablets are rounded and they come in either 100mg and 200mg, plus the pills are unmarked. These pills do contain the active constituents, D- and L- modafinil, which makes them a generic version of modafinil. Why Modafresh is actually classed as a generic version is that it contains the same doses compared to the original Modafinil. The only factor by it may differ is the type and number of fillers that the company will use when they are being manufactured.


It’s very difficult to find a review on this medicine because it is so new. Therefore, we did really struggle to find some. However, Modafresh is actually observed to be slightly weaker than other versions of Provigil, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing because if you prefer the drug to be an average, then it’s perfect for you.


Many medications like modafresh are actually used to be able to treat a certain sleeping disorder, like narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a disorder which makes people fall asleep suddenly, therefore, they may need to use this medication to be able to keep themselves awake.

Another reason why doctors may prescribe with modafinil or something similar is if they have ADHD or ADD. And this is due to Modafinil is actually able to increase the amount of dopamine in your brain. Thus, people that do have ADHD or ADD may struggle to focus on one thing. When dopamine level is increased in the brain, it will allow someone to focus a lot, which is why Modafinil is used.

Are the companies that make Modafresh reliable?/h5>

Sunrise Pharmaceuticals possess Modafresh, and this is actually an American company. They do specialize in generic medications and which is quite similar to HAB Pharmaceuticals. Sunrise Pharmaceuticals are actually quite a new company, and their very first generic medication got approved in 2014, and then it actually launched in 2015. Another thing to be familiar with is that Sunrise Pharmaceuticals are a private company and most other companies that are similar tend to be publicly held corporations.

What’s the final opinion about Modafresh?

It’s a modest version of Modafinil, and there are not so many reviews about it because it is so new. However, when we have heard reviews about it people have said that it’s very similar to modvigil, but a little bit less intense compared to a 200mg modalert tablet.

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Curious about the difference between these potent nootropics?

Well, you’ve come to the where you get all your answers.

Modafinil and armodafinil are undoubtedly two of the world’s most popular and potent smart drugs. But when you go to order some online you may notice that there are four different generic versions are available. And you may not sure about the differences between them, or which one you should choose.

That’s why we are here to explain the differences between the various types of Modafinil and Armodafinil that you’ll encounter online and share some tips on how to choose the best products.

There’s no wrong choice when it comes to buying Modafinil or Armodafinil online – as long as you shop from a reliable vendor. Because every form of modafinil works. The key to choosing the right nootropic is finding which one works the best for your problems. Each one of us is different, some may react better to waklert, while others do better with modalert. It all depends to what works for you. In the detailed article you’ll know about the differences between Modvigil vs Modalert.


Modvigil and Modalert are the most popular generic versions of Modafinil and Armodafinil that you’ll find online.

Modvigil and Modalert are Modafinil products. These products are produced by tow pharmaceutical companies in India, SUN Pharma and HAB Pharma. Traditionally, both of these companies have been known to manufacture high-quality products.

Modvigil Review and Overview

As we discussed, Modvigil is a brand of Modafinil that’s produced by HAB Pharma. The brand is known worldwide, and there’s a decent shot that the Modafinil you’ll consume will be in the form of Modvigil.

When compared with Modalert, most users find Modvigil as a little less powerful and potent.

Some even claim that Modvigil is not “true” Modafinil, which isn’t correct, Modvigil is 100% real Modafinil. It’s just a generic version. But it’s a damn good generic version in its own right.

So, whom Modvigil is good for?

Modvigil has several benefits. First, it is the cheapest generic version Modafinil in the market. If someone is on a budget, this is the strong, smartdrug for them. You get all the cognitive benefits of Modalert for the fraction of the price. This is a bargain smart drug!

Second main benefit of Modvigil is that it has a shorter half-life than Modalert. Modalert tends to last for 12-14 hours, while a 200mg dose of Modvigil tends to last for 10-13 hours. For users looking to get good night’s sleep, Modvigil may be the best choice.


Modvigil is best for them who are new to Modafinil, looking for a shorter half-life. It’s also cheap and an incredible deal.

Modalert Review and Overview

Modalert is the bestselling and highest quality generic version of Modafinil available in the market.

Most of the people who order Modafinil online will end up buying Modalert, and that’s a good thing! As this drug is produced by SUN Pharma, a highly reputable manufracturer.

We consider Modalert to be the best smart drug in the world, and we aren’t alone in that regard. Many CEOs, digital nomads, and students have reviewed great results from this smart drug. When compared with Modvigil many users find Modalert as the strongest nootropic.

If someone wants the most powerful version of Modafinil, then this nootropic is for them.

A single 200mg dose of Modalert, produces 12-14 hours of extreme focus and concentration. This drug typically causes only minor side effects like sleeplessness and diarrhoea. But most of the users report no issues.

Modalert is more expensive than other brands of generic versions of Modafinil.


Modalert is best for individuals who used smart drugs before, people who want the strongest nootropic possible, or others who find confidence in buying the most popular form of Modafinil, highly recommended!

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Wondering which form of generic Modafinil or Armodafinil is best for you?

Modafinil and Armodafinil are undoubtedly two of the world’s most popular and potent smart drugs. But when you go to order some online you may notice that there are four different products available. And you may not sure about the differences between them, or which one you should choose.

Waklert Review and Overview

Waklert is the bestselling brand of generic Armodafinil in the market right now and is produced by SUN Pharma. As we all know Armodafinil contains same active ingredients as Modafinil – except the chemical structure is changed to ensure that only the potent ingredients are found in Armodafinil

Some of the users find that Armodafinil and Waklert are more potent than generic Modafinil brands. While others find that Armodafinil just isn’t as potent as Modalert. However, that doesn’t mean Waklert dosen’t offer impressive cognitive benefits – it definitely does.

Most users find that Waklert find that this as a potent and powerful product, but not as long lasting. Most people feel Waklert offers similar effects to Modafinil and lasts between 2-9 hours after consumption. Then the half-life begins to fade until hour 10-11 or so.

Wakelert is better for smart drug users who need to get to bed at a decent time every night. Modafinil will keep you up late, but Armodafinil lets you get some sleep. It is impotant to note that recomeneded dose of Waklert is 150mg compared to 200mg of Modafinil. This is due to potency of the active ingredients.

Pricewise, you’ll find Waklert very costly, often just a bit more than Modalert. Armodafinil is a newer pharmaceutical drug, and the generic hasn’t gained too much popularity yet. Most importantly Waklert is an ideal nootropic to rotate with a generic Modafinil products.


Waklert is the best form of generic Armodafinil in the market. Armodafinil is similar to Modafinil, but with a shorter half-life. If someone only need to get 9-12 great hours of work done each day, this is the smart drug for you.

Artvigil Review

Artvigil is another form of Armodafinil and which is produced by HAB Pharma. It’s not nearly as popular as Waklert. The only reason to buy Artvigil is that it’s cheaper than Waklert. You’ll feel Modafinil like effects from this smart drug. Artvigil still works. However, evry other smart drug in the market is stronger, and overall, just better in every way.

There aren’t many reasons to invest in Artvigil over the other nootropics, unless one just wants a cheap form of generic Armodafini that works.


Now the position is clear regarding the Waklert vs Artvigil. Artvigil works and offers strong cognitive benefits, but Waklert is far superior in almost every regard. If someone want best generic Armodafinil, then they should go with Waklert.

Unless you really want the cheapest form of Armodafinil around, we recommend sticking with Waklert. We’ve found Waklert superior to Artvigil when testing the nootropics.

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